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Press Release
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AFA 2006 National Show Award
presented at Great American Bird Show in Denver, CO
to David Arthur for Fischer's Love Bird!
THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF AVICULTURE, INC.  (AFA) proudly presented its 2006 National Show
Award to Mr. David Arthur, for the “Best Bird Bred and Banded by an AFA Member” ranking highest overall
in the show.  Mr. Arthur – also an African Love Bird Society (ALBS) Panel Judge – captured the title with
an exquisite Normal Fischer’s Love Bird selected by ALBS Panel Judge Lee Horton presiding over the
division. The Rocky Mountain Bird Society - an AFA affiliated club - was host for the Great American Bird
Show, which took place on November 4, 2006.

AFA Western Regional Director, Lisa McManus, presented the prestigious award to David Arthur, with AFA
Legislative Vice President, Sandee L. Molenda, announcing the honors. The ALBS holds a division each
year at the Great American show and is an affiliate national specialty organization of the American
Federation of Aviculture, Inc.   

To qualify for the AFA National Show Award, exhibitors must be current paid members of AFA, and fill out
an AFA registration form during the show. Details on the AFA National Show Award and winner’s
photographs are published periodically on the AFA website www.afabirds.org and in AFA publications
such as AFA In Brief, and the AFA Watchbird Journal.

The first AFA National Show Award was originally presented at the 1992 Great American Bird Show in
Metairie, Louisiana, in tribute to AFA Members who exhibit their birds. In 1996, the AFA voted to reinstate
the award and an AFA Show Awards Project Chair was named and the award given nearly each year
since to both the Great American Bird Show, and the National Cage Bird Show, in recognition of the two
largest national shows in the country.

American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit educational organization incorporated
in the state of California (business office located in N. Kansas City, MO), whose mission is to promote the
advancement of aviculture worldwide. AFA supports educational programs that enable better husbandry,
management and living conditions for exotic birds; promotes avian research and conservation of exotic
birds; keep members aware of legislative issues that affect aviculture and keep legislators aware of the
need for fair and equitable regulations. The goal of AFA is to insure long-term, self-sustaining populations
of exotic birds both in captivity and in the wild. AFA publishes the world-class quarterly magazine, the
and holds an annual national convention each year. Visit AFA online at www.afabirds.org.
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Winner David Arthur (left), Lisa McManus (right)
AFA 2006 National Show Award for the
Great American Bird Show.
Photo c. Linda S. Rubin
Winning exhibitor David Arthur (left), presented with the AFA
2006 National Show Award by AFA Western Regional
Director Lisa McManus (right).
Photo courtesy of Sandee L. Molenda
Best  in ShowBest Love Bird & winner of the AFA National Show Award at GABS.   Winning Normal Green Fischer's Love Bird
bred by AFA Member and ALBS Panel Judge David Arthur  
Photo credit: Wendy Edwards
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