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Avicultural Background
Linda S. Rubin
About the Author
Linda S. Rubin is a published author, speaker, industry consultant, and avian educator with an international
byline and more than 30 years experience keeping and breeding cockatiels, budgerigars and parrots. An
avid enthusiast in the study of color mutations, she is widely recognized as a leading authority in the United
States on cockatiel mutation genetics. She owns Aves Communications & Promotions and is webmaster of
CockatielsPlusParrots.com, providing resources and services on cockatiels and other Psittacine species.
Linda is founding president, webmaster and genetics consultant of the Cockatiel Foundation, Inc., and
serves on the board of directors of the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. as specialty organization vice
president, public relations chair and AVY awards chair. She judges shows as a CF and SPBE certified panel
judge and  writes features and columns for a variety of publications in the USA, UK, and online.
Linda S. Rubin is the author of:
Multiple Bird Households
Ultimate Parrot Guide
Cockatiel Genetics Made Easy
Cockatiels:  Breeding Smart
The Complete Guide To Cockatiel Color Mutations
Cockatiels in Color
Linda has presented at more than a dozen national conventions of the American Federation of
Aviculture, Inc., as well as the Canadian Parrot Symposium, National Cage Bird Shows, Kaytee
Great American, Bird Clubs of Virginia Conventions, and numerous workshops, roundtables,
and private meetings since 1978.   She presented as keynote speaker at the First International
Cockatiel Symposium in 1997, held first in Brisbane, Queenslandfor the Australian National
Cockatiel Society, then in Sydney, New South Wales for the Native Cockatiel Society of Australia,
with a final talk on cockatiels and parrots in Melbourne, Victoria  for the Avicultural Society of
Australia. She has a variety of
 PowerPoint programs  for interested groups.
Linda S. Rubin has presented to private meetings since
1978 and national conventions and symposiums since
1982. In addition to genetic workshops, lectures, and
discussions, a selection of her presentations include the
following venues:
2008 - Canadian National Cage Bird Show
2000 - Canadian Parrot Symposium - East

Keynote Speaker at First International Cockatiel
Symposium held in 1997 by:
Australian National Cockatiel Society, Queensland  &
Native Cockatiel Society of Australia, New South
Overseas presenter at the May 1997 meeting of the
Avicultural Society of Australia, Victoria

2012- San Antonio, TX
2011- San Francisco, CA
2008- St. Louis, MO
2007- Las Angeles, CA ~ Legislative Roundtable
2004: San Francisco, CA
2002: Tampa, FL
2000: Los Angeles, CA
1999: Denver, CO
1998: Baltimore, MD
1996: Concord, CA
1992: Miami, FL
1987: Seattle, WA
1982: Washington, D.C.
AFA Cockatiel Roundtable Moderator
1984: Orlando, FL
1983: Chicago, IL

Other National Events:
2011 International Association of Animal Behavior
2008  Canadian National Cage Bird Show
2004 & 1988 Bird Clubs of Virginia Conventions
2000 Canadian Parrot Symposium
1997 Kaytee Great American Bird Show
1995 & 1994 National Cage Bird Shows (NCBS)
1985 & 1984 Combined NCBS/AFA Regional Meetings
Linda's international byline in the USA and overseas include:
Contributor to POPULAR BIRDS: COCKATIELS (BowTie Press).  The sole contributor of a 10
page mutation article,
“The Colorful Side of Cockatiels: the Popular, the Fancy, and the Rare.”

BirdChannel.com Bird Breeder Expert (BowTie, Inc.)  (2006-present)
& Cockatiel Information Center online feature columnist (2010-present)
Cage & Aviary Birds  (UK) (IPC Magazines)
(US columnist 1990-1997 & features 2006-present)
Bird Times Magazine/Cage Bird Hobbyist (Pet Publishing, Inc.)
Cockatiel Columnist (1999-2006) - bimonthly columns
Budgerigar Columnist (1999-2004) - bimonthly columns
Cockatiel & Parakeet World
Senior editor & feature writer (Seacoast Publishing, Co.)
AFA Watchbird - (American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.)
(mid 1990's columns: "The Cockatiel Connection" and"Genetics for
Aviculturists");   Reports & Feature Articles (2006-present)
American Cage Bird Magazine
Column: "Talk From Tangowood" 1986-1993
ADDITIONAL PUBLICATIONS:  Bird Talk, Birds USA, Critters USA (BowTie Inc.);  Birds of Distinction, Just
(Imax Ltm); UK Birdkeeper (IPC Magazines); Australia's Talking Birds -  industry trade magazines
Pet Business and American Family Pet Expo - and in over a dozen international journals including:
Australian National Cockatiel Society, Native Cockatiel Society of Australia, Avicultural Society of Australia,  
Asiatic Bird Breeders Association, Canadian Parrot Symposium (East), American Federation of Aviculture
proceedings, Bird Clubs of VA Symposium,  Cockatiel Foundation, Inc., Avicultural Society of America, Inc.,
Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors, Inc., North American Parrot Society, National Cage Bird Show, Inc.,  
National Cockatiel Society, Inc., & American Cockatiel Society, Inc.,
among others ...
Senior Editor, Cockatiel & Parakeet World magazine -
Seacoast Publishing Company
Group Editor
: Cockatiel Chronicle, E-Chronicle, Webmaster-
Cockatiel Foundation, Inc.
NAPS Journal -
North American Parrot Society, Inc.
NCS Journal -
National Cockatiel Society, Inc.

Certifications: CF, SPBE &  PIJAC Certified Avian Specialist (CAS)
Qualifying through her show wins, Linda became a Certified Panel Judge for the National Cockatiel Society
(1984-2006), the Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors (1985-present), and the Cockatiel Foundation, Inc.,
which she founded in 2007,  judging shows throughout the United States, in Puerto Rico, and Canada.

She attended the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council’s first veterinary avian seminar in 1992 in
Massachusetts taught by Dr. Susan Clubb and qualified as a Certified Avian Specialist (CAS) upon
completing the course. Tangowood Aviary -  established in 1976 - specializes in line bred, exhibition, and
pet quality budgerigars, cockatiels and plum-headed parrots,
Psittacula cyanocephala, and is honored to
have bred and exhibited the second champion plum-headed parrot in the United States.
Genetics Consultant
Linda worked as NCS genetics consultant from 1989 through
1993 writing articles and answering members' questions in
NCS Journal. She returned in 2002 through 2006 answering
questions online for several years, writing more than 40
articles for the website library and authoring feature articles
on new and rare color mutations and genetics for a combined
total of 10 years in the
NCS Journal. Today, Linda continues
serving as genetics consultant for the Cockatiel Foundation,
Inc. writing their Coverbird Column that she originally created.
Genetic Consults are also available on her website.
Cockatiel Genetics Workshops
1985 -1993
Presented the first, four-hour genetics workshops in
the US  to organizations and private meetings that
were the basis for developing her genetics workbook
Cockatiel Genetics Made Easy         
Avicultural Honors
2010 Starfish Award
1996 & 1995 Service Awards
"For Presenting the Northeast Regional
Conferences and Contributions towards Achievement of AFA's Goals"
1993 AFA WATCHBIRD SILVER AVY Award (for writing)
1993 AVY Bronze Appreciation Award "For Outstanding Service
Given to Boston Cockatiel Society, Inc./Aviculturists of Greater
Boston, Inc."
1988 Certificate of Appreciation "For Outstanding Service for AFA
convention publicity"
1985 AVY Bronze Appreciation Award "For Outstanding Service
Given to National Cockatiel Society, Inc."

National Cockatiel Society President's Awards:
"For Exceptional  Contributions to NCS"  2006, 2005, 2004, 2003,
1998, 1990 & 1985

Bird Clubs of Virginia Convention 2004
Award: "For Years of Avicultural Outreach"

Motor City Bird Breeders 1998  "Recognition of  
Contributions in the Service of AFA and Aviculture Award

National Cage Bird Show Judge ~
Appreciation Awards for judging these divisions:
National Cockatiel Society: 1991 & 1999
Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors: 1996

Aviculturists of Greater Boston, Inc./
Boston Cockatiel Society, Inc.
President's Award for "Outstanding Contributions to BOD"

Aviculturists of Greater Boston, Inc./Boston
Cockatiel Society, Inc. 1995
"Honorary Life Membership for Exceptional Contributions as
Founding President 1985-1995"

Boston Cockatiel Society, Inc. 1990, 1989, 1988, 1986
"BOD Outstanding Leadership Award"

New Hampshire Avicultural Society, 1985
"Honorary Life Membership"

American Cockatiel Society, 1982
"ACS State Coordinator of the Year Award"

Boston Society for Aviculture, Inc. 1982
"Founding President's Award 1979-1982"

Boston Society for Aviculture, Inc. 1981 & 1982 "Ross Award for
Outstanding Contributions to New England Aviculture,"
National Avicultural Organizations
American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
Linda serves on the board of directors as the specialty organization vice president (2008-present) and AVY awards
chair (2006-present) for the
American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.  She joined AFA in 1976, serving as Northeast
director for ten years and numerous committees including 1988 national convention publicity chair, founding chair of the
club promotion committee, founding chair of the national show awards committee (5 years); public relations chair
(9years) and on numerous standing and ad hoc committees over the years.   In 1980, she chaired the first New England
regional convention at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel - also the 1994, 1995, and 1996 Northeast regional conferences at
ZooBoston.  She is a recipient of a 1993
AFA Watchbird Silver AVY Award for her writing, several AFA Bronze
Service Awards
for creating the Northeast conferences, the AFA StarFish Recognition Award, and two AVY
Appreciation Awards
for her service to both the National Cockatiel Society, Inc. as a cofounder/vice president and as
founding president of Aviculturists of Greater Boston, Inc. for ten years (1985-1995).
Cockatiel Foundation, Inc.
"Providing Resources to the Cockatiel Community"
Linda is the founding president of the Cockatiel Foundation, Inc., established June, 2007. She is the author of the  “CF
Show & Breeding Standard for the Ideal Cockatiel,
” emphasizing the genetics of health, fertility, and longevity -
their show classifications, and their Articles of Organization and by-laws. Linda serves the organization as webmaster,
group editor, genetics consultant, AFA delegate, and as a panel judge, assisting to promote the Foundation and its
purpose to improve the health and well-being of cockatiels.
Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors
Linda was certified as an SPBE Panel Judge in 1985 and serves SPBE as Public Relations Chair.
National Cockatiel Society, Inc.
Linda is an  NCS cofounder and authored the original NCS By-laws and “NCS Show Standard of Excellence” during
their 1984 charter year. Over a 23-year period, she served as an NCS panel judge and on and off the board of directors
as president, first vice president, judges’ panel chair, and journal editor - and chaired the following committees: NCS
parliamentarian, state coordinators, NCS show standards, by-laws committee, public relations, promotion chair,
National Avian Welfare Alliance (NAWA) Delegate,
10 years as NCS genetics consultant, and 15 years as AFA
.  Linda authored the 1990 and 2005 judges’ panel exams and updated the rare mutation nomenclature for the
2005 NCS show classifications.
American Cockatiel Society, Inc.
1984: Qualified to take the judges exam but opted instead to be the first judge tested through a graded workshop and
written exam by the newly forming NCS.
* 1983 first vice president/state coordinator chairman
* 1983 nutrition advisor for the
ACS Journal
* 1981-1983 Massachusetts state coordinator
* 1980-1983 AFA delegate
* 1978 New England state coordinator
* 1976 Charter member (first member outside of Texas to join)
Local Organizations
1985-1995 Founding President
Boston Cockatiel Society, Inc.
name change to:
Aviculturists of Greater Boston, Inc.

1983-1984 3rd Vice President
New England Cage Bird Society

1979-1982  Founding President
Boston Society for Aviculture, Inc.

1978-1979 Vice President
New Hampshire Avicultural Society
1976 - Established Tangowood Aviary and began breeding birds.  Maintained pet birds since 1961.
The Author's Guild
Copyright © 2006-2012 Linda S. Rubin.  All Rights Reserved.