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Cockatiels: Breeding Smart!
COCKATIELS:  Breeding Smart!
Author Linda S. Rubin is a
Certified Panel Judge in
Cockatiels (NCS 1984-2007;
Cockatiel Foundation
2007-present) - and the
Society of Parrot Breeders  
& Exhibitors - who brings
the reader on a unique and
informative journey.  From
husbandry techniques to
discussion on the
appearance of color
pigmentation and markings,
this e-book delves deeper
than many authors dare.
Comments on showing and
ethical reflections included.
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Read Chapter Excerpts linked below:
Part One: Husbandry
Chapter 1: Cages & Aviaries
Pet Cages,  Cage Materials,  Appropriate Caging,
Aviaries, Perches, Disinfecting,

Chapter 2: The Breeding Colony
Indoor vs. Outdoor Breeding,
Controlled vs. Colony Breeding,
Nutritional Requirements, Breeding Stats at a Glance

Chapter 3: The Breeding Season
Breeding Condition,
Environmental Conditions, Pair Bonding,
Breeding Pens and Nest Boxes, Breeding Cycle,
Nurseries & Quarantine, Feather Plucking and
Agression, Schedules
Part Two: Genetics
Chapter 4: Creating a Stud
Selecting Stock, Line-breeding,
Selective Breeding, Setting a Trait,
Establishing a Line, Forming a Stud

Chapter 5: Establishing Mutations
Inherited Mutations, Nutritional or
Stress Factors, Validating New Mutations

Chapter 6: Mutation or Sport
Color Pigmentation,  Depth of Color and Dark Factors,
Consistency of Markings,  
 Miscellaneous Faults,        
Sports, Determining Mutations

Chapter 7: Wisdom Behind Selecting Cockatiels for

Ethics and Aviculture

Recommended Reading
Now Available as a Downloadable Digital Book
The second edition in e-book format provides
an overview on breeding cockatiels through
optimum husbandry management. The second
half is directed toward understanding the
principles of line-breeding, and provides a
unique discussion on how to recognize and
establish new color and pattern mutations at a
depth not often found in the literature.
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Part I:  
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Part II:
Genetic Techniques
What few Author's
seldom discuss ...
by Linda S. Rubin