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Complete Guide to Cockatiel Color Mutations
  • 112 pages
  • 15 Chapters
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Used with great success by cockatiel breeders
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From the Forward ...
by Mr. Thomas C. Marshall
Former President,
American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
The Complete Guide   to  
Volume 1
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Forward  by Thomas C. Marshall,
Past President of the
American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.

Book Review (below) by Mr. Dale R. Thompson
Past Editor, AFA Watchbird, American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
  • Unabridged collection of 11+ Chapters as originally  
published in the author's columns, "Talk From Tangowood,"
American Cage Bird Magazine AND published in
Cage & Aviary Birds (United Kingdom). Obtain your
own complete collection in one binding.
  • Describes why we see color mutations as we view them

  • Provides complete descriptions and historical account of primary
    color mutations

  • Includes frequent references to cockatiel show standards

  • Two appendices never published

  • Two additional expectations tables
~ This work is being transformed into a
downloadable digital book in order to keep
the expense down for you; solid information
with full descriptions, nomenclature and
history of the primary mutations - all
beautifully illustrated with
colorful photos of
these stunning mutations.

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"Fortunately, Linda Rubin has made available for
The Complete Guide to Cockatiel Color
reminiscent of earlier contributions,
concerning color mutations of parrots, made by
British author George Smith in chapters of his
Lovebirds and Related Parrots and
Encyclopedia of Cockatiels.
However, Linda has taken the subject of
mutations, in terms of color pigmentation to a
greater depth and length  than has previously
been found in anything offered the aviculturist.
Discussions of rare color mutations and her
references to show standards, make this booklet a
one of a kind phenomena for aviculturists with a
penchant for the study genetics."              
Premiere Book Review
by Dale R. Thompson
co-editor, AFA WATCHBIRD magazine
published in
AFA WATCHBIRD, volume XIX, No. 4
For cockatiel enthusiasts, whether beginners, seasoned breeders or owners of pet cockatiels, Linda
Cockatiel Color Mutations is an excellent reference on this subject. Written with clear,
understandable language, this guide gives a comprehensive study on the color pigmentations found in
cockatiels. The first 11 chapters are based on a series of articles by Linda Rubin entitled "Color
Pigmentation in Cockatiels" originally published in
American Cage Bird Magazine. Linda wrote a column in
ACBM called, "Talk From Tangowood." These chapters explain the mutations that have appeared in
cockatiels in terms of color pigmentation.

This in-depth study gives a thorough understanding of why mutations appear the way they are seen
visually. Another plus with this guide is that it makes references to show standards and explains what is
desirable on the show bench. This is an ideal aid for those breeders interested in showing their birds.

Several additional chapters have been written including two appendices and several tables. Appendix i
gives an historical record of the primary cockatiel mutations and when cross mutations became popular.
Appendix II gives the characteristics of the seven main cockatiel mutations and their crosses whether they
are double or multiple crosses. Two tables give an easy method of calculating sex-linked and simple
recessive mutations. They are easy to read and understand.

Although this guide is a softbound booklet with no color photography of the mutations, it is a "must" for
those interested in cockatiels and their mutations. This information has been explained to a depth not
found in many publications. For those interested in seeing many of the color mutations found in cockatiels,
I recommend the February/March 1991 issue of
AFA Watchbird magazine which has a special issue on
cockatiels. Linda Rubin wrote several articles in this issue and submitted the wonderful color photography
of the cockatiel center spread.

This guide has been written by a very knowledgeable author. Not only has Linda Rubin reproduced
cockatiels for many years, she is also a certified panel judge for both the National Cockatiel Society (NCS)
and the Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors (SPBE). She was also the author of the NCS's official
"Show Standard of Excellence," by which NCS cockatiels are judged."
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