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Ultimate Parrot Guide
Ultimate Parrot Guide
by Linda S. Rubin
Caring for a Parrot
Making the right selection - both for parrot and owner - is
pivotal to keeping a well- adjusted companion bird. This
book details the physical beauty and pet potential - both
strengths and drawbacks - of the more popular parrots in
aviculture today, from the small- to- medium- to- larger
species available.  Choose the right species and
characteristics for you.

Beautiful photography!

Additional information covers:
Selecting a Healthy Parrot
Cages and Related Equipment
Nutritious Foods and Dietary Needs
Normal and Abnormal Behavior
Taming and Training
Health Care and Prevention
Helpful Hints featured throughout the book
Industry Award Recipient
Seal of Approval
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Hard Cover
TFH Publications
ISBN: 0793831075
10.3 x 6.7
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"Another typical work
by this author. The
Ultimate Parrot Guide
is well written,
concise, informative,
and a pleasure to read.
An excellent choice for
the beginner or the
novice parrot owner."
T. White,
Warwick, Rhode Island
Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors
Panel Judge and award winning Author,
Linda S. Rubin, guides the reader through
the many types of parrots and their pet
potential that best suit your lifestyle. This
book includes helpful insights with expert
tips highlighting optimum care strategies.