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by Linda
S. Rubin
The first in a
series of new
digital books  
mutations and genetic techniques.  
Breeding Smart provides an
overview of breeding through
optimum husbandry management.
What is truly unique is the second
half that discusses linebreeding, and
how  to recognize and establish new
color and pattern mutations.
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A digital magazine immediately available as a download when purchased.  Select the
issues you prefer or get them all.   Dedicated solely to cockatiel mutations and their
genetics ... for the beginner to the more advanced aficionados. Discover the intricacies of
the primary color mutations - through their unending cross mutations - to the new rares.
Features examine cockatiel color mutations at a depth seldom addressed in current
cockatiel journals or magazines, with clear, easy to understand language.  Features,
Q&A's, guest interviews, and more ... view the world of cockatiel colors with a new and
deeper understanding while enjoying beautiful photographs of standard and rare
mutations. A valuable collectors item and library reference to use again and again.
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