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Cockatiel Genetics Made Easy!
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Table of Contents
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PART 1   Preface: Why write this book?
Chapter  1: Basic Symbols
Chapter  2:
The Golden Rules of Color Genetic Inheritance
Chapter  3: Sex-linkage: Mutations & Symbols
Chapter  4: Autosomal Recessives: Mutations & Symbols

Chapter  5: Charting Autosomal Recessive Mutations
Chapter  6:
Charting Sex-linked Recessive Mutations
Chapter  7: Crossover
Chapter  8: Reverse Crossover

Section Statement
Chapter  9:  Combining a Simple Recessive with Sex-linkage     
Chapter 10:
Combining Multi-recessive Mutations
Chapter 11: Combining Possibility of Multi-recessives & Crossover
Chapter 12: Combining Recessives with Sex-linkage
Chapter 13: Combining Possibility of Multi-recessives, Sex-linkage
                 & Crossover

Chapter 14: Dominant Silver Mutation
Chapter 15: The New Mutations

Appendix of Chapter Answers
Premiere Book Review
by Dr. Rainer R. Erhart
"Well, there is help on the horizon and anyone
seriously interested in color genetics should take
a look at Linda Rubin's book: COCKATIEL
GENETICS MADE EASY! Though this book is
primarily directed to breeders of cockatiel
mutations, there is enough information in this
volume to teach anyone the secrets of dealing
with recessive, sex-linked, and dominant
Click to read review.
- Dr. Rainer R. Erhart, American Cage Bird Magazine,
Volume 65, No. 12. p. 37.
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