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Premiere Book Review
by Dr. Rainer R. Erhart
"Well, there is help on the horizon and anyone
seriously interested in color genetics should take
a look at Linda Rubin's book: COCKATIEL
GENETICS MADE EASY! Though this book is
primarily directed to breeders of cockatiel
mutations, there is enough information in this
volume to teach anyone the secrets of dealing
with recessive, sex-linked, and dominant
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- Dr. Rainer R. Erhart, American Cage Bird Magazine,
Volume 65, No. 12. p. 37.
Although a long time in the making, it is my hope that COCKATIEL GENETICS
will be of benefit to fanciers who are in earnest about learning to
chart, and control color production in cockatiels. Through the years, a number of
fanciers have communicated their difficulty in locating one source, which carried
adequate information on predicting the varied color expectations in their offspring,
especially the newer Whiteface multi-mutations. Some of these requests have
ranged from pet owners who were curious about the colors their birds might
produce, to hobbyists and aviculturists working with both small and large

I can well remember the hours spent, and years of study, to learn such information.
I began by sharing the information I learned through my writing, lectures, and in
conversation with other fanciers who requested it. This eventually grew into a
half-day Cockatiel Genetics Workshop in 1987 which, to the best of my knowledge,
was the first of its kind in the United States. Five years later, and with additional
materials, it evolved into a full-day seminar.

Although participants have attended these workshops ... not all who are interested
have had the opportunity to do so. Therefore, out of such a need, I have provided
this workbook, based on
for those who are unable to attend, or for those who perhaps wish to keep a more
comprehensive record of the workshop. The workbook covers many of the
techniques and methods used in the full-day workshop and should give readers
the confidence to attempt just about any cross currently available in their cockatiel
pairs. In fact, throughout the years of running workshops, I have become exposed
to the most frequently asked questions and areas of concern in the understanding
of cockatiel color genetics. It is these problem areas and questions which I have
addressed, and stressed, throughout the workbook.

In essence, I have written the workbook I would have wished to obtain for myself
when I first started down the confusing road of avian genetics. In fact, although the
workbook is geared to cockatiels, it probably would not be too presumptuous to
suggest it could also be applied to other avian species whose mutations operate in
similar modes of inheritance. Had I only had the opportunity for such a workbook
when I began! However, this workbook now exists, for you. It is my hope that you will
utilize the techniques and information given in these pages to your utmost
advantage. Good luck and may your avicultural future hold many colorful (and
expected) surprises for you.
Linda S. Rubin
Tangowood Aviary
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