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Sometimes reading an abundance of books, articles and commentary is not enough to solve a more
challenging question, or you just need extra help. The following services are available:
What color mutation is my cockatiel? What sex is it?
Identification of a known color mutation or help with identifying the gender of your cockatiel
What do I get when I breed "this" to "that"???
Genetic charting of color expectations in the nest and prediction of offspring                     
by percentage, gender and potential crossover (recombinant genetics)
What is this strange color? Why did I have this unusual//rare trait or
fault occur? What is happening to my breeding stud?
- Analysis of new, rare or unusual color mutations you own or have bred
- Concerns on genetic inheritance: lethal genes, faults, undesirable health
traits                      affecting health issues, production, fertility, and longevity
- Solving a more difficult or unique genetics question when you need an answer.
Color Mutations & Genetic Solutions

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Linda S. Rubin is a published book author, speaker, industry consultant,
and avian educator with an international byline and more than 35 years
experience keeping and breeding cockatiels, budgerigars and parrots.
An avid enthusiast in the study of color mutations, she is widely
recognized as a leading authority in the United States on cockatiel
mutation genetics. Her website
CockatielsPlusParrots.com provides
resources and services on cockatiels and other Psittacine species.  
Linda writes as BirdChannel.com's Bird Breeder Expert, Columnist for
CompanionBirdWorld.com, feature writer for the American Federation of
Aviculture's award winning AFA Watchbird, and many other
publications. She is a former Cockatiel Foundation Genetics Consultant,
NCS Genetics Consultant, NCS Panel Judge (1984-2006), CF Panel
Judge (2007-2012) and SPBE Panel Judge (1985-present). Linda sits
on the board of directors of  the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
and Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors.  She presents on many
topics,and writes features and columns on cockatiels, budgies and
parrots for a variety of publications in the USA, UK, and online.
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