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Do you need to know the SEX of your cockatiel?  Or the COLOR MUTATION?   Or BOTH?  This form is for you.
For more than one bird ID, or Rares not yet classified, contact Aves@CockatielsPlusParrots.com.  
$25.00  Please include the age, behavior and all colors on the body of your cockatiel.  Including a photo will greatly
assist in the accurate identification  of your bird(s).   (Photos can be submitted once you click the submit button).
Approximate Age:
How long have you owned your cockatiel:
Color of head and crest:
Color of cheek patches:
Color of face mask:
Color of eyes (black, red, or plum?):
Color of  upper chest:
Color of  abdomen (belly):
Color of  back:
Color of wings:
Color of flight feathers
(the long primaries in wing):
Color of tail feathers:
Describe your cockatiel's behavior and vocalizations (for
example, singing? warbling? double call syllables?). Any
strutting, hopping, biting and other aggression, squatting
on the perch, trembling wings, shredding up paper at the
bottom of the cage, etc.  Elaborate fully.
Email address (required
for an answer):
Photos are helpful in confirming an identification. Once you click the Submit button, you will be directed where
to send a photo if you choose.
Are you sending a
Telephone number if you wish a
complimentary 10-minute phone
consultation first (USA ONLY):
Payment is required before an answer can be sent.
Click Submit button. Once payment is received, your question can be answered.

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Color & Gender Identification
What color mutation is your cockatiel? Are you certain?  You'd be surprised how many are misidentified.  What sex is your cockatiel?  
Are you now guessing whether it is male or female? Has your cockatiel's behavior changed? Fill in the written description, describe
the behavior and include a photo if you can.