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PowerPoint Program Presentations & Workshops Color Mutation & Genetic Consults, Avian Consults & Judging Professional Work
All Genetics Consults To identify color mutation & gender Predicting Offspring in the Nest Rare Color Mutations and Other Genetic Questions
            Advanced Genetics and Rares cover questions on or about:
  •    Multiple or ESTABLISHED "Rare" color mutations
  •    Unclassified new Rare Colors
  •    Color pigmentation and how the colors and patterns are affected, interact and combine
  •    Genetic inheritance of lethal genes or undesirable traits (e.g., blindness, baldness, dead in shell, etc.)
  •    Genetic problems affecting health, production, longevity, or fertility in pets, breeding or exhibition stock
  •    Additional questions that requires time, research, advanced or extended charting.
Advanced Genetic Consults begin at $150.00
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Advanced Genetics and Rares