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Linda S. Rubin, cockatiel columnist 2000-2006
Linda S. Rubin writes as the Cockatiel Expert for Bird Talk's website under the Bird Breeder tab
Linda S. Rubin writes on mutations,
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Mello's Aviary ~ Standard & Rare Cockatiel Mutations in Massachusetts
Moonstonetiels Aviary ~ Standard & Rare Cockatiel Mutations in Florida
Mason Aviary ~ "Where Friends Have Feathers" ~ Texas
Denommes Darlings ~ Cockatiel Breeder in Alberta, Canada
Cockatiel Mountain ~  Hobby Breeder of Cockatiels in Ontario, Canada
Allandoo Pheasantry ~ Breeders of ornamental and exotic pheasants in Southwest Scotland
D & R Treasures Aviary ~ Our World Has Gone To The Birds ... Your's Can Too!  Greencheek, Jenday and Sun Conures, Lovebirds,
Mutation Parrotlets and Quakers. Cages, toys and everything you need for your new baby.
for SALE
Cockatiel.com Cockatiels.com is totally dedicated to all cockatiel lovers in the world
Exotic Bird Registry  Full species registration site:  pet registry, pedigree tracking, show point history, etc.
Echo's Haven Everything you need for happy, healthy, pet and companion birds and parrots
The Bird Board a resource to the avicultural community
Breeders Association.net  find your next pet here
BirdsNow Helping Birds Find Good Homes
CockatooCreations.com A beautiful selection of high-quality cockatoo, parrot, and cage bird-themed personal,
home decor, and gift items.
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