I informed him that there was a reward posted for Hansi's return, and he responded, "How much is
the reward?" I countered that it would depend on whether he could return her safely or merely knew
which tree she was currently in. He said nothing. I decided to inform him that certain foods which
people commonly eat are poisonous to parrots, and named a few. I also told him that Hansi liked
certain treats, among them grapes and almonds. He responded, "We've got grapes." I suppose that
many people have grapes.

This reward is offered to anyone who can positively identify the home where Hansi is being held.
Presumably the one which also has grapes."
"Hansi" is a four year old Free-flighted Sun Conure
able to fly outdoors and return to the house of her own accord
unless she has been injured or frightened by a predator
or taken in by someone

She has been making short flights around the neighborhood for two years.
She prefers to ride on my shoulder and sleeps in a picnic basket
that is covered and lined with towels; her cage is never
locked when she is at home. She is not banded but
has been DNA Fingerprinted by a veterinarian.
Help Bring this beloved
family pet home!
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From the Briarcreek Blvd
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Houston, Texas
Please call or email:
Small Sun
Missing since
June 10, 2006
& photos below!

"I have information that suggests Hansi is possibly
being held in someone's home and that the people
holding her may have been aware that I have been
searching for her since shortly after she was lost. This
reward is offered to anyone who can positively identify
the home where Hansi is being held.
Approximately two days after Hansi was lost, I was putting up posters at a nearby
playground when I was approached by a tall, slim, light complected Caucasian
teenage boy on a 10 or 15 speed bicycle. He appeared to be between 14-17 years
old. He told me that he used to come to the playground to play regularly, until he
had outgrown it. He seemed anxious to inform me that Hansi was safe and had
been taken in by someone, as he told me this about three times. I wondered
whether he was trying to make me feel better or whether he knew something, or
possibly had Hansi.


Or email

May be held in someone's home and cannot fly home! Read story below!
HANSI's STORY!   ~    UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2006
for information leading to recovery
Read update below!
Scroll down to see photos!
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