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Published Work at Consumer Publications
Some commercial magazines where Linda S. Rubin has contributed cover features,
columns, feature articles, Q & A's and other work.
To inquire about writing assignments, contact Linda S. Rubin at
Linda S. Rubin writes occasional
cover topics and features
A one-time Magabook (magazine-book)
from BowTie Press
Linda S. Rubin is the sole author on colormutations
writing the 10-page article,
"The Colorful Side of Cockatiels:
The Popular, the Fancy & the Rare"
Linda S. Rubin wrote the
2003 anatomy article,
''The Bird Body"
including bird senses
BIRD TALK'S Website on the Animal Network
Linda S. Rubin writes as a
Bird Breeder Expert
and Cockatiel Columnist
on the Cockatiel Species Center
Linda S. Rubin, cockatiel columnist 2000-2006
Bird Times
Linda S. Rubin wrote as
Cockatiel Columnist: 6 years
Budgerigar Columnist: 5 years
Linda S. Rubin wrote her first  column,
"Talk From Tangowood" during the late
1970's-1980's.  Out of print.
Her cockatiel color mutation articles
are published in her e-books, "
Guide to Cockatiel Color Mutations"
American Cage Bird Magazine
AFA Watchbird
Features Articles & Reports
Linda's column, "Cockatiel Connection"
is published in her upcoming
e-book, "
Cockatiels in Color"
Cage & Aviary Birds (UK)
Linda S. Rubin's  wrote as USA Columnist
on cockatiel husbandry,
color mutations & genetics
UK  Birdkeeper
USA Cockatiel Columnist
Out of print
Parrots (UK)
Contributed feature articles
Linda S. Rubin was featured
during her  speaking tour
in three states during 1997
Australia Aviary Life
Talking Birds (Australia)
Overseas Publications
Australian Birdkeeper
PowerPoint Program Presentations & Workshops Color Mutation & Genetic Consults, Avian Consults & Judging Professional Work
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