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News Release
News Release
First published on BirdChannel.com 2007
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For Immediate Release!

Newly formed Cockatiel Foundation, Inc.
Providing Resources to the Cockatiel Community!
THE COCKATIEL FOUNDATION, INC. organized in June 2007 to fill the needs of companion cockatiel
owners and hobby breeders never before addressed by providing resources to the cockatiel community.
CF’s mission is to promote education, fairness in exhibition and good fellowship among all cockatiel
enthusiasts.  In accordance with the American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association, the cockatiel is
the number one pet bird most commonly kept in more than 6 million US households.  To meet the needs of
an ever-expanding cockatiel community, the Cockatiel Foundation, Inc. was born.

According to founding president, Linda S. Rubin, “One of the Foundation’s goals includes setting
up a nation-wide, volunteer, foster care Adoption/Placement Program, where cockatiels in need
will be placed into new homes. CF has an experienced Placement Director who is working with
coordinators across the country so they may educate and train volunteers and potential candidates.
Volunteers and candidates will be sought for temporary foster care homes and forever-homes and
educated with information to learn how to correctly care for their new bird.”

“Our Youth Education Program enables young people – 17 years old and under - to join the Foundation at a
reduced rate and participate in various activities to learn about the care of
cockatiels and aviculture. Another service just instituted is our Lost & Found Center with the
goal of providing happy reunions when reuniting lost cockatiels with their owners.”

Charter memberships and special privileges have been awarded to the first 100 members;
all members receive our quarterly journal, the
Cockatiel Chronicle and the E-Chronicle is
sent  quarterly on alternate months in addition to other membership privileges.

The Foundation has formulated an improved Show Standard for the Ideal Cockatiel emphasizing
the genetics of health, longevity and the reproductive welfare of the species. A judges’ panel,  affiliations
packages, advertising opportunities, professional and international writers for its
Cockatiel Chronicle
journal publication, access to  color mutation photos and more, can be found at
com -  including a growing educational article library on all aspects of cockatiel care for the millions of pet
owners and hobby breeders needing information.” According to Rubin, “We have some hard working
founding officers and members who are eager to help and listen to our members’ and the greater cockatiel
community’s needs.”

For further information on the Cockatiel Foundation, Inc., visit
www.CockatielFoundation.com or email the
Cockatiel Foundation at:
Join the CockatielFoundation, visit www.CockatielFoundation.com
Press Release for the Cockatiel Foundation, Inc.
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