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Swearing in of Officers (courtesy of BirdChannel.com)
BIRD TALK magazine
August 2010 Cover Feature
Two Budgie or Not Two Budgie!
by Linda S. Rubin
BIRD TALK magazine
April 2011 Cover Feature
Normal or Hormonal?
by Linda S. Rubin
Upcoming SPBE Shows judged by
SPBE Panel Judge Linda S. Rubin

August 18, 2012
Double Points!
LoryLeague.org Hookbill Show at
American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
National Convention,
San Antonio, TX

September 22, 2012
Double Points!
BOAF Show, Manchester, NH

October 6, 2012
"Quad Show!"
4 Show Weekend!
2 day show: 4 SPBE Panel Judges!
Greenwood Volunteer Fire Co. Museum
45 Kernick St., Warwick, RI
Show Flyer
2008 - Canadian National Cage Bird Show
2000 -
Canadian Parrot Symposium - East

Keynote Speaker at First International Cockatiel
Symposium held in 1997 by:
Australian National Cockatiel Society - Queensland       
&  Native Cockatiel Society of Australia -
New South Wales.
Overseas presenter at the May 1997 meeting of the
Avicultural Society of Australia, Victoria

2012- San Antonio, TX
2011- San Francisco, CA
2008- St. Louis, MO
2007- Las Angeles, CA ~
Legislative  Roundtable
2004: San Francisco, CA
2002: Tampa, FL
2000: Los Angeles, CA
1999: Denver, CO
1998: Baltimore, MD
1996: Concord, CA
1992: Miami, FL
1987: Seattle, WA
1982: Washington, D.C.
AFA Cockatiel Roundtable Moderator
1984: Orlando, FL
1983: Chicago, IL

Other National Events
2012, 2004 & 1988 Bird Clubs of Virginia Conventions
2011 International Association of Animal
Behavior Consultants (Ethology of Australian Flocks)
2008  Canadian National Cage Bird Show
2000 Canadian Parrot Symposium
1997 Kaytee Great American Bird Show
1995 & 1994 National Cage Bird Shows (NCBS)
1985 & 1984 Combined NCBS/AFA Regional Meetings  

Meetings, shows & workshops since 1978.

Judging Shows in US, Puerto Rico & Canada         
1984 - present   

BIRD TALK magazine
August 2011 Feature

by Linda S. Rubin
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Annual Magabook (magazine-book)
by BowTie's BIRD TALK Magazine
Linda S. Rubin is the sole author on color
mutations writing
"The Colorful Side of Cockatiels: The Popular,
the Fancy & the Rare" pp. 100-111
1. History of the Avy Awards
2. 2011 AVY Award Recipients
SPBE Bird Show at AFA
Vol. XXXVIII, No. 3.
How Cockatoos
Vol. XXXVIII, Nos. 1&2.
AFA Specialties
Meet at AFA
Vol. XXXVII, No. 4.
AFA Watchbird articles by Linda S. Rubin
Journal publication of the
American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
US AVY First
Breeding Award
Vol. XXXVII, No. 3.
Find a Bird Care Provider - from BIRD TALK magazine excerpt - BirdChannel.com
Cockatiel Mutation Quizl - BirdChannel.com
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Speaker at the Bird Clubs of Virginia Convention - March 25-26, 2012
Press Release: AFA 2010 AVY Awards
- American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
Press Release: AFA 2011 AVY Awards
- American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
Video credit, c. 2011 Carol Stanley.  Disclaimer: This site is not responsible, nor
does it endorse other videos linked at the conclusion of the above video.  
Talk on "The Ethology of Australian Parrot Flocks and Captive Behaviors"
by Linda S. Rubin at the
AFA Jewels of Aviculture Convention
in San Francisco - August 4, 2011
SPBE Panel Judge Linda S. Rubin placing Best & 2nd Best in Show at
LoryLeague.org show held at the 2011 San Francisco
AFA Convention - the first show held at AFA in 25 years.
Read the articles on the show in the AFA Watchbird & SPBE Journal!
Photo c. 2011 Adrianne Mock
Read the article on the LoryLeague.org SPBE Show held at AFA in Volume XXXVIII, No. 3. 2011
Society of Parrot Breeders &
Exhibitors, Inc.
Panel Judge
Linda S. Rubin
places Grand Champion
Double Yellow Head
as Best in Show.  
This DYH owned by Janet
Brubaker of MO, went on
to earn the Number One
SPBE Exhibited Parrot
for the year 2011.

Photos c. 2011
Linda S. Rubin
Judging and placing the Top 2011 SPBE Parrot as "Best in Show" at the
New England Cockatiel Breeders & Exhibitors "QUAD" SHOW!  - October 9, 2011
Linda S. Rubin
(center) signing
books after her talk,
"Cockatiel Culture:
Living with Cockatiels ~
A Through Z!"
Author and AFA
Specialty VP
Linda S. Rubin
(left) with
AFA Northeast
Regional Director
Ferragamo (right)  
while signing

Photos c. 2011
Speaker at the Long Island Parrot Society - November 16, 2011
Linda S. Rubin (center) with BCV Speakers during the banquet festivities for this two-day event.
Photo c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
Photo c. 2011 courtesy of Concetta Ferragamo
Photo c. 2012 courtesy of Georgia Feathers
Photo c. 2011 Adrianne Mock
Linda Rubin's Blog
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Linda Rubin's Blog
Follow My Blog and
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Linda Rubin's Blog
Follow My Blog and
view all the show pics!
SPBE Panel Judge & Seminar Presenter at Parrot Safari Bird Club of New England        
SPBE Parrot Show held April 21, 2012
SPBE Panel Judge Linda S. Rubin (center left), with Best in Show winner and SPBE
Director Wendy LaBanca (left), SPBE Director & Show Secretary Pat Tucker (center right),
and Show Steward & Birds of A Feather Club President Ray Schwartz (right).
The Pet Gazette - "Here Comes the Judge!  6/1/12
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