Unique Avian Solutions
for Breeding, Genetics,
and Companion Parrots
Sample AVIAN SPECIES TOPICS include (in part):
  • Companion Bird Care
  • Avian Behavior
  • Excessive Egg-laying Problems
  • Diet and Nutritional Support
  • Gender Determination
  • Hobby Breeding Management
  • Geriatric & Handicapped Birds
  • Interacting with your avian veterinarian
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Sample GENERAL TOPICS include:
  • Starting a local bird club or national organization
  • Holding avicultural seminars
  • Holding a bird show
  • Preparing your entries for show
  • Writing for avicultural publications
  • Publishing your book
  • How to locate a missing or escaped pet bird
  • Building your personal avian library for your needs
  • Other inquiries welcome ...   view more
If you have a medical or egg-laying emergency, contact your veterinarian without delay. To find an avian vet, visit the Association of Avian
Veterinarian's website at
www.aav.org. Other non-emergency questions can be answered through the question link, private consults, or
pre-arranged telephone time.
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