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Linda participated as a member of the ACS Show
Standards Committee in 1976, and eventually went on
to author the original
"NCS Show Standard of
in 1984, and the "Cockatiel Foundation
Show Standard for the Ideal Cockatiel"
in 2007. These
Standards have frequently been consulted in drafting
other specialty organizations' show standards.

Linda served many years as NCS Vice President and
Chair of NCS Show Standards (1985 through 1987;
2005-2006), and as Judge's Panel Chairman
(1990-1991). At the request of the Panel, she authored
an extensive
NCS Judges' Panel Exam for the
organization in 2005, which was field tested before
administered to applicants. In 2005, she updated and
classified the new rare mutation nomenclature in the
NCS Show Classifications and went on to create the
show classifications nomenclature for the Cockatiel
Foundation in 2007.
Copyright © 2006-2012 Linda S. Rubin.  All Rights Reserved.
PowerPoint Program Presentations & Workshops Color Mutation & Genetic Consults, Avian Consults & Judging Professional Work
Linda S. Rubin is a Certified Panel Judge for the Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors and the Cockatiel Foundation.  
She has been judging shows throughout the US, Canada and in Puerto Rico since 1984, and is the author of the original
"National Cockatiel Society Show Standard of Excellence," and the "Cockatiel Foundation's Show Standard for the Ideal
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Judging Credentials & History
Photo c. 2011 Adrianne Mock
Judging SPBE Show at 2011 AFA San Francisco Convention
Linda S. Rubin, Certified Panel Judge since 1984
Cockatiel Foundation, Inc. (CF) &
Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors (SPBE)
Linda S. Rubin has been a breeder and exhibitor of
budgerigars, cockatiels, and parrots for several
decades and was the first NCS judge to qualify and be
tested in the National Cockatiel Society following the
initial 5 grandfathered judges (having just qualified at
ACS).  She served on the panel for 23 years, from 1984
to 2007, when she founded the Cockatiel Foundation,
Inc. and became its first judge.  Linda qualified as a
Panel Judge for the Society of Parrot Breeders &
Exhibitors in 1985, and continues to serve to the
present. She has championed exhibition NCS
cockatiels, ABS budgerigars, and SPBE parrots, and
judged cockatiel and parrot shows around the United
States, Canada, and Puerto Rico since 1984. She
presided as judge at three National Cage Bird Shows
(1991, 1996, and 1999), the Great American Bird Show
(1986), and the Canadian National Cage Bird Show
(2008), with various assignments in Puerto Rico and
Canada since the 1980's.
Show Committees & Show Standards
Many organizations require a written show standard against which members breed or exhibit birds. However, another
consideration of "measuring" your success is through a Breeding Standard.

A breeding standard is critical to a breed or family of birds, because it is the yardstick by which an aviculturist should
acquire breeding stock. Many aviculturists come to realize that there are indeed some fine exhibition birds that win on the
bench, but unfortunately these same birds do not produce winners themselves. There are reasons for this.

Show and breeding stock do differ. Breeding standards can help in this effort, because a quality breeder - as some
exhibitors know - is worth its weight in goal. These are the exceptional birds that produce a preponderance of young that
make the top bench cuts and in turn, are more likely to produce winners themselves. There is a genetic difference. These
are the foundation birds that savvy breeders acquire. This is where a breeding standard makes a difference.

Organizations may wish to consider a show standard, and/or a breeding standard to benchmark the progress of a species.
A good breeding standard will also avoid the genetic faults and tragedies that shape a species' future - when only the
exhibitors' thoughts are reflected - rather than the future well-being of the breed. Both the Breeding Standard and the Show
Standard for an Ideal must be written with these points in mind. Or, the two can be combined for a comprehensive plan to
the future.  Editing services to improve or update existing standards are also available.  Feel free to inquire with a
complimentary phone consult.
Writing & Editing - Breeding Progress & Show Standards
c. 2005 Linda S. Rubin
Linda S. Rubin's Linked-in Profile
Linda S. Rubin's bio
September 22, 2012 ~ SPBE Panel Judge -  Birds Of A Feather Show  - Manchester, NH -Double Pointed Show!
Linda S. Rubin has presented to private meetings since
1978 and national conventions and symposiums since
1982. In addition to genetic workshops, lectures, and
discussions at meetings and events, a selection of her
major presentations include the following venues:
2008 - Canadian National Cage Bird Show
2000 - Canadian Parrot Symposium - East

Keynote Speaker at First International Cockatiel
Symposium (1997) by:
Australian National Cockatiel Society, Queensland  &
Native Cockatiel Society of Australia, New South Wales.
& Presenter at the May 1997 meeting of the
Avicultural Society of Australia, Victoria


2013: Raleigh, NC
2012: San Antonio, TX
2011: San Francisco, CA
2008: St. Louis, MO
2007: Las Angeles, CA ~ Legislative Roundtable
2004: San Francisco, CA
2002: Tampa, FL
2000: Los Angeles, CA
1999: Denver, CO
1998: Baltimore, MD
1996: Concord, CA
1992: Miami, FL
1987: Seattle, WA
1982: Washington, D.C.
AFA Cockatiel Roundtable Moderator
1984: Orlando, FL
1983: Chicago, IL

Other National Events:
2012, 2004 & 1988 Bird Clubs of Virginia Conventions
2011 International Association of Animal Behavior
2008  Canadian National Cage Bird Show
2000 Canadian Parrot Symposium
1997 Kaytee Great American Bird Show
1995 & 1994 National Cage Bird Shows (NCBS)
1985 & 1984 Combined NCBS/AFA Regional Meetings
Meetings, shows & workshops since 1978.

Judging Shows in US, Puerto Rico & Canada              
1984 - present   
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2011 Adrianne Mock
BEST 2011 SPBE PARROT owned by
Janet Brubaker (BIS at 2011 AFA, RI Quad
& more)
2ND BEST 2011 SPBE PARROT             
at 2011 AFA, RI Quad Show & more,
owned by Janet Brubaker
3rd Best SPBE Parrot at
2011 RI Quad Show
Owned by Pat Tucker
5th Best SPBE Parrot at  
2011 RI Quad Show
Owned by Pat Tucker
4th Best SPBE Parrot at 2011 RI
Quad Show Owned by Wendy
7th Best SPBE Parrot at 2011 RI
Quad Show Owned by Kim Moore
6th Best SPBE Parrot at 2011 RI
Quad Show Owned by Katy Secor
c. Linda S. Rubin
c. Linda S. Rubin
4th Best 2011 SPBE
Parrot at AFA Show
owned by Rodney Silva
8th Best SPBE Parrot at  
2011 RI Quad Show
Owned by Katy Secor
Linda S. Rubin judging
at the AFA convention
For further show
details, view
Linda's Blog with
upcoming posts!
Linda Rubin's Blog
"I had the honor and privilege to judge the
Number One and Number Two  Top SPBE
Exhibition Parrots for 2011 - a Double Yellow
Head Amazon and a Duyvenbode's Lory!"
April 21, 2012 ~ PARROT SAFARI SEMINAR - Experience the Fun & Art of Exhibiting Parrots
March 24, 2012 ~ BCV CONVENTION                        Experience the Fun & Art of Exhibiting Parrots - Norfolk, VA
August 18, 2012 ~ SPBE Panel Judge -    LoryLeague.org Hookbill Show - American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.
                                                               38th National Convention - San Antonio, TX - Double Pointed Show!
Top Novice Bench at loryLeague.org
SPBE Show at 2011 AFA Convention
September 22, 2012 ~ SPBE Panel Judge -   Birds Of A Feather show - Manchester, NH - Double Pointed Show!
2012  Presentations
2012  Show Dates
August 16, 2012 ~ AFA CONVENTION              Changing Trends Exhibiting Parrots in the USA - San Antonio, TX
August 16 & 17, 2012 ~ AFA CONVENTION  Genetics of the New, Rare "Golden" Macaw Mutation - San Antonio
October 6, 2012 ~ SPBE Panel Judge - New England Cockatiel Breeders & Exhibitors -Quad Show - Warwick, RI
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
c. 2012 Linda S. Rubin
Photo c. 2012 Ginny Heptig
Top Three in Lory League SPBE Show
at 2012 AFA  Convention in San Antonio
Best in Show at Lory League SPBE Show
2012 AFA  Convention in San Antonio
April 21, 2012 ~ PARROT SAFARI SHOW SEMINAR - SPBE Judged Show - Londonderry, NH
- Londonderry, NH