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Talking Birds (Australia)
Linda S. Rubin writes as a Bird Breeder Expert and Species Information Columunist
Mid-1990's column,The Cockatiel Connection, current features and reports
Numerous AFA Conference Proceedings
Cockatiel Genetics Made Easy! by Linda S. Rubin
Multiple Bird Households by Linda S. Rubin
Ultimate Parrot Guide, by Linda S. Rubin
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  • Writing, editing and other services available for books, articles, columns and chapters
  • Color mutation identification of photos  (Non-editors, CLICK HERE )
  • Other private consultations available
Seeking co-authors for possible joint projects, collaborations and future books.  
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Linda S. Rubin is available to write feature feature articles, column, chapters and books.  Editing services are also available to avian publications.  A partial list of her books,
features and editing work - from 1985 to the present - can be viewed at her
bio.  Please include a complete description of the work you require and deadlines. Editorial    
calendars are welcome.
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PowerPoint Program Presentations & Workshops Color Mutation & Genetic Consults, Avian Consults & Judging Professional Work
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Linda S. Rubin's Linked-in Profile
Linda S. Rubin's bio
Linda S. Rubin's first national column, Talk From Tangowood, published in ACBM mid/late 1980's
US Columnist from 1990-1997 and feature writer contributor
Features for charter issue, Just Parrots, and Parrots magazine
1990's US Columnist for UK Birdkeeper magazine
Cockatiel Columnist 2000-2006 and Budgergar Columnist (1999-2004)
Linda S. Rubin's bio
Australian Aviary Life
Magabook by BowTie Magazines. Linda S. Rubin writes the sole difinitive article on color mutations,
Multiple cover features, PR news and articles for Bird Talk magazine
Birds USA Annual
Critters USA Annual
E-book, Cockatiels: Breeding Smart! by Linda S. Rubin
E-book by Linda S. Rubin, Complete Guide to Cockatiel Color Mutations, Volume 1
Magabook by BowTie Magazines. Linda S. Rubin writes the sole difinitive article on color mutations,