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~ SPBE Show at AFA ~
August 16, 2012
"Southwest" SPBE Texas Meeting!
Thursday evening 7:00-8:00 PM during the AFA Specialty Meetings
Join us!  Public invited ~ bring your friends!

August 18, 2012
SPBE Double Pointed Dual SHOW  
Sponsored by the LoryLeague.org
co-sponsors: Triangle Bird Club & Feathering Crest Aviary
during the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. 38th National Convention

Join us at the AFA Convention for the SPBE Southwest Meeting & Double Pointed Show!  
Read all about the AFA 2011 San Francisco Convention (left)  ~   and the SPBE Show at the AFA San Francisco Convention (right).    ~   Click to download .pdf files!
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Linda S. Rubin is an author, speaker, industry consultant and avian educator with an international byline and more than 35 years
experience keeping and breeding cockatiels, budgerigars, and parrots. She is the author of two award winning books,
Ultimate Parrot Guide (2001
TFH Publications) and
Multiple Bird Households (2001 TFH Publications), a self-published peer-reviewed volume, CockatielGenetics Made Easy,
several e-books, and is editor of the new Cockatiel Mutations MagazineTM.  As a Certified PanelJudge, Linda has been judging for more than a
quarter of a century and has bred and exhibited champion budgerigars, cockatiels, and parrots.  Linda is a Certified Panel Judge for the Cockatiel
Foundation, and the Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors, judging cockatiel and parrot shows since 1984 throughout the USA, Puerto Rico, and
in Canada.  She had the honor of judging three National Cage Bird Shows (1991 & 1999 for NCS cockatiels; 1996 for SPBE parrots), the Kaytee
Great American Bird Show, and the Canadian National Cage Bird Show, among others.  She is the author of the original “NCS Show Standard of
Excellence,” and the “CF Show Standard for the Ideal Cockatiel.”  Linda qualified as an SPBE Panel Judge in 1985, and presided at the SPBE
show held at the 2011 AFA convention in San Francisco (the first in 25 years), and will judge the
double-pointed SPBE show at the 2012 AFA
convention in San Antonio.  
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2011 SPBE Judge Linda S. Rubin with Show Winners
photo Adrianne Mock
2011 SPBE Audience Favorite:
Black Palm Cockatoo!
c. 2011 Linda S. Rubin
Jim Heffernan came from a family of birdkeepers and has been around birds his whole life. His father and uncles raised all kinds of
canaries and Jim started his collection early during his teen years, breeding and exhibiting finches and small hookbills.  At 19, Jim became a
panel judge for the Irish Foreign Bird Society, judging finches, parrots, lovebirds, and cockatiels. He was a judge for the Irish Zebra and Society
Finch panel before he eventually moved to the USA. Jim has judged finches and hookbills in Canada for several years and in the USA at the Zebra
& Society Finch specialty shows. He exhibits finches, cockatiels, and parrots, and maintains a collection of about 20 pairs of cockatiels, including
Whiteface, Dominant Silver, Pastelface, and Dilute (Suffused Silver), with 40 pairs of Australian Parakeets including Red-rump, Many-colored,
Hooded Bourke, and about 80 pairs of primarily Australian Finches.  Jim is currently a member of the SPBE and NCS Judges Panel.
Thank you to the many officers and members of SPBE for their help and guidance to stage a show at AFA!  (See below) ...
Thank you to the LoryLeague.org for organizing the show!  Visit them online!
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Together in Texas "Under One Wing" ~ SPBE Meeting & DOUBLE POINTED  Show!

Meet the 2012 SPBE Panel Judges:
Jim Heffernan ~ morning show  ~ Linda S. Rubin ~ afternoon DOUBLE POINTED show
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